Days of the Week

My shifting miasma of thoughts today wandered over to the days of the week. What an odd hodgepodge of labels. We have two days named after the sun and moon, and then four Norse gods and a Roman god. How the heck did that happen?

So I decided to look it up. Basically the Romans named the days after their gods and then the Germanic people decided to take their model and make a few changes. And of course they replaced the Roman gods with Norse ones, and the sun (solis) and moon (lunae) they replaced with the gods Sunna and Mani. I guess they just didn’t have a corresponding god for Saturn. (aka the Titan Kronos. I guess he does kind of stand on his own, doesn’t he?)


Oh, and it turns out many other European languages replaced “sun’s day” with “the Lord’s day.” Which I guess I kinda knew already.

Isn’t that fascinating??

Oh. Just me, then.


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