The Quiet Ones

"Thank you."

“Thank you.”


I just watched _The Quiet Ones_. Ooh! Good stuff. Like _Oculus_, this is just the sort of horror movie I like, where people attempt to approach the supernatural in a scientific and somewhat intelligent way, and then get in a bit over their heads.

This is the sort of movie that makes me want to look stuff up and see how much of what happened in the movie actually did happen. It’s one of those “based on actual events” movies, except they don’t tell you that at the beginning. (EDIT: It’s actually right there in the trailer. Somehow I just glossed over it.) But in the closing credits they show pictures of the actual people involved. Supposedly, anyway. I’m still looking it up.

The movie seems to be based loosely on something called “The Philip Experiment,” in which a group of people (Canadians. Go fig…) attempt to create a ghost with their collective imagination and then talk to it. They apparently succeeded, thus proving that ghosts are merely projections of our imagination, or that some extra-dimensional entity was having a laugh and pretending to be Philip the ghost. Of course, the experiment was later proven to be a hoax. But it is a cool story.

The movie is based very loosely on the experiment. It basically takes the idea and runs with it. But where did those pictures in the closing credits come from? Eh, it’s probably just another layer of fiction to enhance the story.

Anyway, I feel so inspired right now.


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