Wow! I’m feeling rather pumped up right now! I might even say I’m feeling Dauntless. Why? Because I just saw Divergent. Great movie. Go see it.

The premise is that a future society is split into five castes: Ventrue, Klingon, Ravenclaw, Indigo Tribe, and the Monks. Or something like that. And if you fit into none, you’re factionless (and homeless, and hopeless, etc.). If you fit into more than one, you’re divergent, and you need to be killed because you won’t conform.

Now, I imagine that one of the fan reactions to this story would be to wonder what faction you belong to. I’m sure there are some quizzes hanging around somewhere to determine exactly that. Though, really, I think pretty much anyone reading this would be divergent. The people of this story are the survivors of a war where apparently much of the human race has been slaughtered. (We don’t really know, though. Like in 1984, there’s no information coming in about what happens in the rest of the world. Perhaps there’s more in the book.) So they presumably have had generations of selective breeding where divergents have been culled leaving a very uniform society. So I imagine any one of us taking that test would be killed soon after.

Those of you who’ve read the book/seen the movie, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Divergent!

    • Darling, just write…Keep it you! you have so much to write. Tell your story. Get it out!
      You could write about what has happened to you.
      Some short stories…with or without endings.
      Your thoughts for the day.
      Your Facebook posts for the day would make a good blog post.
      You are full of fun facts and it spills forth….don’t be scared….share it!

      Just be You!

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